There is no bigger name in the mobile world than Apple. Apple’s iPhone accounts for nearly 50% of smart phones on the market and an Apple device of some kind whether iPad, iPhone, Mac or iPod is in over half of all U.S house holds. Some are unaware that there is a way to leverage the hardware giant to reach customers on the go and at home using their devices.

Mobile Shoppers

Reaching Customers Through iAd

iAd is Apple’s own ad network for it’s devices. You might have noticed iAd before and did not realize they were from Apple or wondered how to place them. At one time iAd’s where very expensive to the point where if you did not have a million dollar budget you could not purchase a campaign. Now that all has changed. Now marketers, brands and smaller companies can purchase iAds on a reasonable budget and even though the smallest location target is a DMA Thumbvista is excited to offer this iAd buying service for it’s customers. You have the ability with an iAd campaign to be extremely creative and targeted which allows the advertiser to send a relevant message to the consumer, and that is what Thumbvista is all about.


image: Apple

Benefits of iAd Buying

  • Assess to over 400 Targeting Options
  • Creative Ad Units That Include Video & Audio Options
  • Advertising On iTunes
  • iAd Buying For Over 100 Countries
  • Right Time & Place Reach Customer At Home or On The Go On Macs – iPhones



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