Want to advertise in front of over 1 million excited football loving people with a relevant message based on the time and the place? It’s time to get your brand ready for some big game day advertising! We don’t mean spend close to 5 million for ad spots during the game. We are talking about advertising to people at the game and the events before and after with mobile advertising with geofencing.

Geofencing – Advertising During Big Game Events

Why not advertising to a somewhat affluent crowd of spectators? The game will bring in estimated $450 million to the local economy. By placing geofences in and around event areas you will hit a targeted consumer and have the ability to use the time and place to your advantage creatively.

image - DiscoveringArizona.com

image – DiscoveringArizona.com


Have A Brand Presence On Sunday via Mobile

By geo-targeting the big game you get a demographic that earns typically over 100k a year. In studies conducted in other Super Bowl cities typically almost 75% over attendees are from out of town there strictly to have a good time at the game. In other words they have money and will travel.

Let’s make your brand apart of a Super weekend!