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Making Mobile Advertising Relevant with Location, Time & Interest

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When you think mobile ads think Thumbvista

Mobile Centric Since 2012

Thumbvista™ is a global mobile marketing company based in Charlotte, North Carolina and working with customers for ad campaigns all over the world. We specialize in giving our customers a customized approach to their digital advertising campaigns. For over a decade now Thumbvista has made partnerships with adtech companies all over the world. These partnerships give a unique advantage to our customers in the market place. The world is now mobile first and we utilized the top mobile marketing tech in the world to provide the results possible. Our tactics include location-based advertising using geofencing, advanced interest based targeting using 3rd party data. Our custom solutions can be used to drive brand or product awareness, boost sales, recruit top talent, and so much more.

 We can be your partner in this ever-changing mobile world. Our goal is to provide our clients with smart mobile strategies, superior customer service and deliver best-in-class solutions to get exceptional results.

We Deliver Mobile Marketing With Relevance 

We would love to have a chance to work with you today as your mobile marketing company. We leverage many tools to create a more relevant mobile advertising campaign using geofences or geofencing (a geofence or geo-fence is a virtual perimeter. See more info on types of geofencing here.) We also provide solutions such as traditional geo-targeting and interest based targeting techniques using contextual and behavior targeting.

More than a mobile marketing company

Feel free to reach out about strategies or ideas that may be possible with today’s mobile device technologies and location services. Whether you are a brand, agency or an industry pioneer, we would love to chat.

Our Start In Geofencing Solutions 

Thumbvista since 2012 has focused making mobile advertising relevant for the marketer and mobile user. We use location based marketing tools such as geofencing along with data from various sources to provide the best fit of an audience and a brands messaging with mobile display and other advertising solutions.

Thumbvista has the ability to leverage the industry’s top tools from our partners from around the world. We want our customers to see us as more than a mobile advertising company and as a trusted advisor. We work with you to choose in detail which technology is the best fit based on your mobile advertising campaign needs and your overall mobile marketing strategy.

Our Specialties

Location Based Marketing
Streaming Video
Advanced Mobile Coupons
Private Market Placements