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Adding Relevance To Mobile Ads By Using Location, Time & Interest

Thumbvista is a mobile geofencing company that serves companies all over the world. Thumbvista started in 2012 as a mobile geofencing advertising company that is focused on marketing a relevant brand messaging and using non-app data with the help from telco location data or cell tower data. Since then we have been adapted with emerging data technologies and partner with many companies and technologies from all over the world. This has made us a mobile marketing and geofencing industry pioneer launching campaigns for some Fortune 500 companies all over the world such as Shell and VW. Whether Fortune 500 or local business we focus on the same goal, adding relevance to mobile marketing and advertising using data and location based tools such as geofencing. We now have the ability to integrate location data and access to 3rd party data from companies like Oracle, Nielsen and more to truly find the right person at the right places and time.

Top Ideas for Mobile Geofencing

  • Events – Conventions and Trade Shows etc.
  • Grand Openings – Geofence surrounding area let them know of big date.
  • Recruiting – Need employees, but not sure where to look? How about geofences around your competition?
  • Sales – Everyone loves a good deal, so let people in area know about one!
  • Awareness – Branding + Mobile Geofencing = match made in ad heaven.
  • Political Campaigns – Issue awareness, date of rally or voting reminders, etc.
  • Surveys – You can get the answers you are looking for from the right person at the right place and time.

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Relevant ad experiences are key to interacting with consumers. In a recent Google Study they state that 82% of consumers purchase based on a positive ad experience. The more relevant ad experience the more effective the mobile ad campaign.

Location services data collected properly adds relevance. Digital Advertising the has gone through the proper channels in receiving the data that leverages location based services to set a perimeter called a mobile geofence to collect or transfer data from such as GPS, cell tower data, Bluetooth, RFID or IP address are using some sort of geofencing. Geofencing is leveraging a virtual perimeter (geofence) of some type to trigger an action and that action could mean sending a message or limiting advertising to show only within the perimeter requested.

Mobile Geofencing Company & More

We are not just a mobile geofencing company, but partner through out the entire marketing project. Thumbvista partners with advertising agencies, brands, marketers and technology companies that build mobile geofencing software and devices for multiple campaign and brand messaging proposes. From deciding where to geofence to ad design and the overall strategy and optimization we use mobile geofencing for mobile display ads that show on mobile websites and within mobile apps. We harness the power of mobile geofencing for marketing to produce the most relevant message possible for the marketer and mobile device user viewing the advertisement. We have worked with companies large and small, from advertising agencies to auto dealer groups to provide mobile geofencing services. See some of our mobile geofencing case studies here. Along with location strategies we can help provide strategies to reach mobile users who share certain interest or demos that align with your overall mobile marketing omni-channel approach.

Does Advertising Using Mobile Geofencing Make Sense For You?

Below are some ideas on how we can help in a mobile first strategy and some of the top industries using this type of advertising technology.

Case Studies for Geofence Advertising

Our Geofence creation ability

Thumbvista is a full service mobile advertising company and can help with strategy along with media buying  We have the ability from partnerships from around the globe  to create a geofence (1 or 1000) in radius (or polygon) down to 100 meters (or less) geo-target zip codes, DMA’s up to the entire country or world. We work along side our partner marketers to establish their needed KPIs and report accordingly.

How Large or Small Should Geofence Be?

This is up to you and your strategy. Mobile geofencing best practices for retail are of the thinking of how far a customer will drive to your location. Another example is thinking where is you targeted audience going to be in future. This means if you are geofencing an event and want to target a convention center during a multi-day event, you should target around the event as well to catch attendees going to lunch or to hotels in the evening. One last example would be for example targeting a University. In this case targeting the footprint of the University may be enough but could vary based on surrounding. Sometimes smaller isn’t always better. Quality could increase with targeting larger areas or zipcodes. As stated in this Forbes article sometimes you can think regionally, put yourself in your customer’s shoes and enrich your ad experience with creativity.

Commonly Geofenced Areas

  • Universities – strong demos and rich location data. Students love apps and if you craft the right messaging the is relevant to their needs it could be a great fit.
  • Competitors – whether it is targeting the competitors for customers or employees it is a mobile geofencing company solution the just makes sense.
  • Events – One of the things that make us a top mobile geofencing company is that we focus on relevance. Nothing is more relevant than a group of like minded people at an event.
  • Hospitals – Many use cases for geofencing including hiring or finding those who may need a product or service based on their recent visit.
  • Neighborhoods – Localized marketing is the point of local relevance. By geofencing a neighborhood you know the local vicinity and can drive traffic to a location near by.
  • City Blocks – Get granular in a city. Focus in on who is in an area and mobile advertising can get in front of the right audience. We can get down to 500ft in many urban areas.
  • Shopping Districts  – Drive store foot traffic, promote and event or coupons with mobile geofencing in a shopping mall or district
  • Towns – some times the message needs to be relevant based on placement. Creative matching towns sometimes can make more effective results.
  • Regional area (nearly anywhere on Earth) Whether a statewide campaign is needed or larger traffic segment based on country or regional inventory, we have you covered. Almost any where on Earth where we have access to mobile inventory or a user has a smart phone. Convention in Dubai or Sydney? Yes, we have ran this campaign many of times.

Top Industries for Mobile Geofencing

  • Retail -Uses- pushing coupons, promoting in-store or online events, hiring and grand openings
  • CPG -Uses- pushing or notifying shoppers of saving or new products. Nearest location.
  • Airline – Uses – Airport promotion, travel location deals, regional marketing and hiring.
  • Legal- Uses- Hiring, personal injury, business, corporate law services promotion.
  • Non-Profit – Uses- fund raising, localized event promotion.
  • Medical – Uses – Hiring, local location opening, nearest locations, new services promotions.
  • Pharm – Uses – Reaching audience hyper local area also tied with demo targeting.
  • Government – Uses-local messaging about event, services or hot community topic.
  • Financial – Use –Finding right people in local area who fit perfect customer persona.
  • Hospitality- Uses- Finding traveler based on current location. Asking recent travelers about experience.
  • Restaurant – Uses –Event, new menu items, mobile geofencing local area for grand opening.
  • Auto -Uses – Mobile geofencing competition, or real time customers in service or general waiting areas.

Don’t see you industry or need more ideas or answers on an upcoming project? We are experienced in the mobile geofencing industry, but are always open to hearing creative ideas for the technologies uses. As a mobile marketing geofencing company that has been around since 2012 we have resources globally that can help with nearly any type of marketing and advertising plan. Contact us today for a custom consult.