Thumbvista provides digital marketing and advertising in forms of digital coupons, display advertising with advanced targeting features, digital video & streaming along with digital audio advertising.

Managed Service


No Monthly Contracts

Includes Geofencing (all types)

IP Targeting


White/Black list

Behavior Data Layering

Brand Safety

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Self Service

Small Set Up

No Monthly Contracts

Pay As You Go

Includes Geofencing

Day parting

Demo Targeting

Ad/ Landing Page Design Tool

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Premium Placements


No Monthly Contracts

Includes 1-10 Zip Codes

Day parting

150k impressions on the worlds top content

Viewability Layering

Up To 20 Premium Apps/Sites

You Choose Where Ads Appear

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Thumbvista can use location, time and interest to find your audience.

*Pricing subject to change and based on availability.

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