What is Geofencing & How Can it Help My Company?

Geofences are virtual perimeters around predetermined areas. Please remember that geofencing has many applications. Geofencing can be used within mobile apps, RFID or GPS devices to communicate with location based services to track entry, dwell time and exists of a perimeter or send messaging of a predetermined event.

At Thumbvista, we create custom geofences to deliver your ads across many networks to a more relevant audience based on location, time and interest.

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Geofencing is one of the best ways to reach your target audience efficiently and effectively. Is there a specific event or conference where you’d like your brand to appear? Maybe you want to have your brand displayed within mobile apps and sites around your location. Or even your competitors’ locations.  It’s easy to see why mobile display advertising is attractive. People are constantly looking at their mobile devices! By using geofencing or geo-targeting with mobile display ads, you can hone in on the right prospects for your brand.

There are many faces of Geofencing


Ready to brainstorm a geofencing or geo-targeting ad campaign?

Geofences are really just virtual perimeters, but how you use them is key. Whether it is through making a geofence to have mobile display advertising show only in designated areas or sending messages via an app communicating with a mobile devices location based services using geo-location is a way to add relevance to any marketing or advertising project.

We are here to be creative with you and use geofencing and geo-targeting and other mobile marketing technologies to help make your brand’s message as relevant as possible to the end user. So whether it is using location to focus in on an audience based on being 500 meters or miles from your location adding targeting using a mobile devices location based services to any strategy can make your campaign more effective and give you a better return on mobile advertising dollars spent.