Targeted Mobile Advertising
Brands Worked With
Advanced Targeting Capabilities

Target your ads to be shown to customers the closest to you or your competitors. Even target special event venues to create the most relevant strategy possible.


Looking for a particular group of mobile users? Target users based on whether they are sports lovers, shoppers or travelers and more.

Time & Day

Run your ads when is most effective. Run ads for specials related to day and time to add to effectiveness.

Budget Control

We can control budget amounts with pacing and get full reports on spend levels and recommendations on how to get bang for your buck.


Actions such as Click to Call, Click to Driving Directions, Click to Download or straight to a Landing Pages that houses Coupons or even Video.


Tracking reports include Budget used, Day, Location Intelligence, CTR, what Actions were taken & more.

Campaigns Up & Running Within 3 Business Days or Less
A Few Of The Apps / Sites You May Be Appearing
Advanced Targeted Mobile In App / Site Banners
Pick Areas You Want To Appear

We Can Set Up Multiple Geofences Along With Other Targeting Features To Trigger Your Ads To The Right Audience. Different Creative Can Even Be In Different Areas.

What does it look like?

Your Mobile Ads Will Appear In Popular Applications, On Mobile Websites & Even Games.

Reports & Analysis

We Send You Reports Of Performance including Impressions, Clicks, Additional Actions & CTR Increase Recommendations.

Mobile banner ads

Mobile Banner Ad Targeting & Mobile Ad Buying

Thumbvista uses top mobile banner ad publishers and a unique geo-targeting solution to place the most relevant mobile banner ads possible. We have worked with many industries including Health Care, Medical Devices, Events, Music Festivals, Consumer Package Goods, Legal, Telecom, Tech, QSR, Retail and more.

Mobile banner ads will be placed on smartphones for iOS and Android operating systems across a mobile ad network to reach mass distribution while remaining as targeted as possible. Ad units can be targeted down to 100 meters,  focus on actions such as calls, app downloads, landing pages or driving directions. Full campaign reporting gives marketers the insights they need to optimize their future campaigns.  

Interested in learning more? Please click button below or visit our case studies area for ideas for your next campaign. We are always excited to speak about strategy as well and any brainstorming services about how to make you mobile banner ads more effective are no extra charge.

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