Marketing ideas in the banking industry are some of the most tech savvy that exist. An industry constantly using data for business proposes in a norm and for marketing is not different. The banking industry has seen the turn to mobile for years now and some of the largest have place millions of dollars into mobile apps to make banking easier for the clients. Getting new client or marketing new products are still always a challenge and new marketing ideas to stay ahead of the competition are needed.

mobile marketing ideas

3 Marketing Ideas for the Banking Industry

  1. Geofencing for Home and Auto loan products. – Geofencing allows you to place a virtual perimeter around an area of choice. This means by using offline data with online data you can place geofences around neighborhoods of interest that fall right within the house hold value or income levels desired. Or even auto dealers for auto loans.
  2. New clients – mobile display is a great form of brand awareness. Consistently advertising around your locations will allow your bank’s brand to be in app and sites to the community it ultimately serves.
  3. Grand openings – By geofencing new locations prior to the grand opening to give event details are an added bonus to mobile advertising that marketers before had to advertise in a larger area via radio tv or print. Digital allows you to break down based on zip code and mobile geofencing can hit hard in areas immediately surrounding the new location.

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