In this day and age when every dollar must count, advertisers will try something new without knowing what success looks like, much less how to track it. Digital advertising is different than other forms of media because it allows marketers to get near-real-time feedback through web analytics. Web analytics can be a marketer’s best friend, but it sometimes does not have the ability to tell the complete story, such as where exactly the traffic is coming from. That is why digital advertising tools can be so helpful in supplying additional resources to measure and know where marketers are getting the best bang for their buck.

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4 Ways To Track Digital Advertising Success

  1. The UTM Code – UTM stands for “Urchin Tracking Monitor.” Urchin is the basis for Google Analytics. A UTM is a snippet of code added to a URL to measure traffic and content sources. The code can easily be built with a UTM builder such as this GA tool. The UTM allows you to label your digital advertising program by the campaign source, medium, campaign name and more. Once a campaign is complete, you will be able to navigate your analytics using these labels and see which campaign drove traffic to which destination.
  2. The Conversion Pixel – A conversion pixel is a slightly more advanced method that can be used to measure traffic. This could include something simple, such as visits to a specific page or more granular, such as a purchase or form-fill by placing the code on the “thank you” page after completion. Conversion pixels can be provided by advertising companies to work exclusively with a campaign or through Google Tag Manager within your GA account.
  3. The Landing Page – Building a custom landing page for a specific digital advertising campaign can be a smart strategy because it is both relevant to the ad campaign and provides specific measurement.The landing page can tell you everything from visits, specific button clicks such as calls or navigation, and even completed forms. A custom landing page can be tricky to build without technical experience, but many tools exist to make it easier, and companies like us can do it for you for a nominal price as part of the total campaign package.
  4. The Coupon – One surefire way to see if a digital ad campaign is working is to offer a call-to-action with a promo code or coupon offer. If the offer is unique to the campaign, then it should be easy to track back with your POS software or manual tracking.

Those are just a few ways that you can measure and track digital advertising success. If we can assist at all please do not hesitate to reach out. Best of luck on your next campaign.