Can you remember the last time you used a print coupon? If you’re struggling to find the answer, you’re not alone. Consumers are cutting coupons less and less. In fact, a study from Juniper Research found that the value of digital coupons will surge to $91 billion by 2022. That is up from $47 billion in 2017. By 2022, mobile coupons are expected to account for nearly 80 percent of coupon redemptions. If you haven’t begun using mobile coupons then now is the time to start. 

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Mobile coupon options

Mobile coupons can be presented to consumers in many forms. Text message alerts are a simple way to send an offer to consumers. You can simply share a 15 percent off coupon for all purchases that day or a free dessert with your dinner. Text messages have the ability to reach a broad audience on cell phones.

Thumbvista’s mobile centric coupon page offer, with the ability to save to your device, share and or use at a later time. Our coupon page can be linked to any digital campaign including display advertising, email, SMS, or social media and run on any device. The Thumbvista solution can also be printed for physical use as well.

Thumbvista mobile coupon solution

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Mobile coupons can be available on location at a store, restaurant, cafe, or other business are also beneficial. It is a way to advertise to costumers who are already planning on making a purchase. It can also be an incentive to get the customer back at your business. Some retailers will have a spin to win game with offers such as $10 off, 20 percent off or another offer, but to play the game the customer has to provide some information such as an email.

A business’ website or app can also have coupons built-in. A consumer browsing your site can receive a pop-up for a 10 percent off coupon that goes to an email address. Coupons can be added to specific items online that you want to drive more sales for. 

Another great way to connect customers with mobile coupons is through loyalty programs. You may have noticed grocery stores offer extra incentives through their mobile applications. Who wouldn’t want an extra dollar off their favorite snack? Aside from coupons discovered while shopping, customers can also shop virtually and add coupons to their cart. The personalization can be taken a step further by showing ads based on the consumer’s behavior. By registering for the app or loyalty program, consumers will likely provide an email address or phone number which provides an opportunity to send ads by text or email as well. 

Mobile coupon benefits 

Mobile coupons give advertisers the ability to track and capture information about consumers such as likes, shopping patterns, and other information to provide personalized coupons. There are many benefits for mobile coupons such as increasing store traffic and online sales, strengthening brand loyalty, encouraging the use of the app, and loyalty programs or website. 

With mobile coupons, there is an opportunity to minimize advertising costs and gain loyal costumers. By offering the right coupons, there is an opportunity to continue bringing customers to your physical location, website, or app. 

Having customers opt-in by signing up for offers allows your business to gather a database of customers to advertise to. You can send emails or texts to people who are interested in receiving discounts. This is also a great way to attract new customers as well. 

Finally, coupons are another way to help move inventory. You can provide an additional discount on sale items that you need to move off of the shelves. It can be a way to incentivize customers to try out a new product as well. 

The bottom line is coupons are an effective way to bring in more business. By offering the digital coupons in a mobile setting, it is more convenient for customers and cost-effective for you. 

To see more about our mobile coupon solution see full features here.