Years ago our parents used to clip coupons from the newspaper, keep it in a special folder and bring it to the store for some extra savings. Today, people still love to save money and some even enjoy the thrill of getting their tab as close to zero as possible. Extreme Couponers, we are thinking of you. Times have changed and people are less likely to get a newspaper and clip physical coupons from it, but does that mean the coupon is dead? Absolutely not.

Thanks to technology, businesses are able to offer coupons in the palm of a consumer’s hand. Grocery stores offer digital coupons on their app or website. Retail stores are following their steps too. Why? Businesses are seeing the benefit of digital coupons by staying with the customer every step of the way and offering personalized deals.

digital coupons

Give customers what they want

 Consumers are tired of irrelevant ads that take up space on the sites and apps they are browsing. However, if you combine location, interest, and time to your coupon strategy then you are giving customers what they want to see. According to Adweek, 88 percent of people believe custom content is a way for new brands to reach them.

The digital coupon advantage

Digital coupons are convenient, popular and here to stay. The coupons are easily stored on a consumer’s smartphone making it easier for them to save. Thumbvista offers a creative solution to provide customers not only with convenience but better ways to save.

At Thumbvista, we offer a digital coupon landing page, it allows consumers to open, share and save coupons directly to their device’s mobile wallet.

 We offer several features to keep your customers engaged with your business such as:

  • Requiring a social media login
  • Gamification to campaigns
  • Social media sharing
  • Watching a video
  • Installing an app
  • Barcode integration
  • Multiple validation locations
  • Remarketing
  • And more

We also offer several distribution methods including display advertising email, text, social media, mobile websites, QR codes.. And we offer POS integration and mobile payment integration so your mobile coupons work seamlessly with your business.

Don’t fall into the demise of printed coupons and step up with digital. Our user-friendly solution will give you and your customers a better experience and result. To learn more about how Thumbvista can integrate digital coupons into your marketing strategy, click here.