Video marketing ads have changed from being just another piece of your marketing strategy to being one of the most important parts of it. According to a Hubspot survey, more people prefer to see video than any other content from a brand. Videos are memorable for people and stimulate multiple senses and emotions. When videos are placed in locations that people are organically looking for content you are able to make a connection and even a sale. 

Selling your law firm with video marketing content

When it comes to creating video content, people prefer videos that are funny, informative and entertaining. According to the Hubspot survey, more than 60 percent of people preferred to see informative content. As a law firm, content could inform potential and even current clients about various topics regarding your specialty. For example, topics for a personal injury firm could include types of personal injury cases you handle, cases won, total settlements and how you could do the same for them. You can share your expertise in an enticing way that is shared through targeted advertising. 

You can drive traffic with performance video and premium placement of your ad. This allows your video to be placed at an optimal place with a standout call-to-action to grab potential customers’ actions. The placement of your ad will ensure that customers will see it. For example, by placing the video at the heart of content instead of on the right of the page, it will lead to an increase in view time and click through rate. 

placement of mobile advertising - video marketing

On top of placement within content, there are other ways to drive higher conversion rates with video marketing ads for your law firm. With contextual advertising, your ads will be placed on websites that are relevant. Using the personal injury law firm example, video ads could be placed on a website explaining what options a person has after a rear-end collision that left them injured or what happens to your vehicle if it has been totaled in a crash. When you place ads on a site where people are seeking information and you are offering it, then you have a better chance of conversion. 

Your ads could also be placed in geographical areas such as states or particular cities that your law firm services. By geofencing, or creating a virtual perimeter, around locations you can add another layer of segmentation to target potential customers. 

While there are some options to do this yourself through Thumbvista’s self-service tool, your law firm can relax while our experts at Thumbvista take care of your advertising needs. We offer advanced video ad solutions so your target customers are reached. See how we can help you by contacting us today.