Do you have a public service announcement (PSA) that needs to be delivered to a mass audience? If you’re not using mobile for your PSA strategy to deliver your message then you are missing out on a valuable opportunity. PSAs are an efficient method to convey information to parents, teenagers, students, or other sectors. PSAs help generate awareness about a specific topic. 


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Government agencies are integrating mobile devices and public announcement services for greater outreach. Additionally, with 5.4 billion people on mobile phones today, it is an ideal platform to reach members of the public. We will break down helpful tips on how to share this information with a mobile-first PSA strategy. 

Incorporate Geo-Targeting in Public Campaigns

Geo-targeting is a technique that allows advertisers to send ads to specific targeted potential customers by location. This is possible by using GPS, Wi-Fi networks, and IP data to target phones in a specific location.

Geo-targeting is not only important to advertisers but also to government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Government agencies have now begun to use geo-targeting to inform people of potential threats in their surroundings and other agent information.

Keep in mind that privacy of data sharing is an issue for many mobile users, local authorities request them to share information to reach them with public announcements in case of a need.

Use Of Mobile Phone Display Ads

Gone are the days when a PSA strategy was limited to radio announcements and posters. Technology has enabled the Ad Council to integrate mobile display ads into its public announcement strategies. 

This is a more effective approach because it combines the radio’s audio capabilities and posters’ visual ability simultaneously.

Display ads may take the form of animated images, videos, or changing texts. All these capabilities combined can create awareness of an important issue to the public and influence their actions.

Use of SMS

Texting effectively reaches members of the public from low-income areas for specific information sent by the Ads Council. Texts need to be short and to the point. Broad content can be overwhelming and confusing to the target audience. With clear and short messages, you can capture your audience, communicate and get the desired action.

Use Of Interactive Phone Campaigns

Mobile messaging can allow the government and other organizations to use text messages and segmentations to gather data on users based on factors such as age, location, interests, hobbies, job industry, etc. With these categories, it is possible to draft more relevant messages.

Mobile users can also sign up for programs where they will receive information that the respective agency wants to communicate. For example, they could have received regular text messages regarding hygiene or curfew times during the pandemic period.

Final Thoughts 

A PSA is important to help save and protect the lives of people in the community. It’s important for government agencies and nonprofit organizations to integrate mobile with the PSA strategy to enhance communication. This integration will also enable the agencies to reach more targeted audiences through geo-targeting and generate higher user engagement.