Thumbvista™ is a global mobile marketing & advertising company based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Thank you for your interest in learning more about Geofencing Company Thumbvista’s solutions. Please fill out contact form the best you can and a manager with years of mobile marketing experience will be in touch asap. Our team will do their best to explain how easy we make it to have your brand show to the right person at the right place and time.

Thumbvista’s goal is to make mobile advertising experiences relevant for the marketer and their customer by using location (Geofencing), time (Dayparting) and in some case interest (demo or contextual) targeting. See Case Studies here.

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What makes us different?

Location Flexibility

Geofencing down to 100 meters or *less. We can place display ads nearly anywhere on Earth. Reporting per location.

Apps & Sites

Access to premium inventory local & global. Auto & Manual optimization & suspicious app/ site removal. *Ask about how you can pick.


Affordable entry, no contracts & very competitive full service pricing. Ask about our volume discounts.


Weekly updates emailed directly, with location breakdown, popular placements, clicks, impressions, CTR & many custom KPI request.

Big Data

We have access to data sources from all over the world. We help connect you with the right person at the right place & time with precision. Have a crazy idea? Ask it may be possible.


We value our clients and work with them hand & hand to give the best chance at success. Our goal is to have a relationship for years not days.

Brands Worked With

  • Shell-Client-Geofencing
  • vw
  • TAM
  • sprint usa
  • geico
  • planet fitness