For years even before Smartphones in commuting cities like St. Louis Missouri we have had “mobile marketing” in the form names and numbers on commercial vehicles driving during the day just hoping that we the consumers would get a glimpsed of the brand and remember it or better yet write it down. Thumbvista mobile marketing services have came up with a way to blend marketing and mobile with commercial vehicles using QR magnetic displays. QR code scanning is up over 4000%–(Source: The Naked Facts: Whiplash Edition QR Barcode Scanning in Q1-2011) As a business owner having the ability to be on a customers “contact list” is extremely important because that contact list now lives in a customers Smartphone. A mobile device acts as a customer life line to their social life, navigation tool, and storage file all wrapped up in one. With the QR magnetic vehicle display the customer can scan the code once they see a companies vehicle during a meal, in their neighborhood community event or on location once the code is scanned the customer will have a chance to interact with the company socially save location or contact information or take advantage of savings the possibilities are endless on how you can turn old school “mobile marketing” into new school “mobile marketing”.

The average cost of a vehicle wrap is $2,400. One vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 – 70,000 impressions daily. (source PRnewswire). Let’s connect “mobile” with “mobile”. Click here for our product pricing and information on sizes.


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Qr code on vehicle

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