Would you love to see your ads on a specific mobile app or set of apps? It’s easier than you think. At Thumbvista, we help clients advertise on the most relevant mobile apps. Our primary capability centers around targeting a specific area using mobile, location-based services called geofencing or geofence advertising. But that’s just the beginning.

Advertise on mobile app it works

Once we’ve narrowed in on a location, we can hit as many apps as possible in that area or you can choose a few categories that make the most sense for your brand and only be featured on the apps or categories you select. For example, local news and weather apps for a hometown feel, sports and fitness apps for health-minded consumers, financial news apps for business professionals, real estate for buyers and investors, parenting, games, travel, music and many more.

If you prefer one app over another for your national or global product, we can customize campaigns to target preferred content on a specific app and mobile site under the same name. Lastly, with our white list solution, we can request specific inventory from premium apps and mobile sites for display ads to appear.

Need help to advertise on mobile apps to reach your target audience?

3 Questions to Ask –

  1. Who is you perfect customer? Example: You sell women’s shoes, so targeting women ages 18-65 in a 5 miles radius might be a good place to start.
  2. What are your primary categories? In this case, Fashion and Style are the most obvious choices, with placements in Vogue or InStyle along with entertainment apps such as US Weekly and TMZ.
  3. Where do your customers live and work? Do you have one location or many? Start big and then narrow it down. You can go as large as a DMA or zip code and narrow it down from there.

Ready to start your next ad campaign NOW?

Contact us via email or toll free 1-855-554-4900 and we will help you launch your next digital ad campaign. We will work together to discuss placements or categories that make sense for making your ads as relevant as possible. We can get your advertising up and running in less than a week.

Let us place your ads on apps that your customers are using every single day. Contact us to learn more.