Sometimes you need help coming up with a game plan on how to use the newest tools to reach new customers. This post is to give some insights on how to use easy and affordable mobile marketing tools for a marketing strategy for financial advisors.

  1. Find the right audience – Who is your perfect customer? Is it a Female at the age of 35-50 in an affluent area? Or is it someone just starting out in a position where they need help preparing for their future. By using our demo and location targeting tools you can right the right audience with your messaging.
  2. Pick the right placements – Wouldn’t be great to get in front of someone that is in an investment mindset? Why not let us place ads for you on Forbes or Reuters? We have list made and ready for the financial industry and should be apart of a digital marketing strategy for financial advisors.
  3. Use a clear and tempting message – Ad design is one of the most important aspects of the mobile advertising process. You need to give a good reason to click and a better reason to schedule an appointment. Many find the financial industry complex, so it is important to keep things simple and inform the audience how you can help them, quickly.

Our mobile advertising solutions range from ad design to geofencing around your competition. We can offer the exact digital marketing tools needed for a solid marketing strategy for financial advisors. Email us today to set up a time to chat.