Most marketers want to see a higher conversion rate when it comes to their advertising. Over the years, we’ve helped advertisers strategize how to increase conversions. There are a few very important things you need to increase your digital advertising conversion or increase your conversion rates.

The most important first step is knowing what you want. How do you define a conversion in your business? Is it a newsletter sign up? Maybe an inquiry or demo request? Or how about an actual sale? It is important to know what to count before setting up your campaign.

  1. Simply ask for the conversion. If you don’t have a call-to-action, there will be no action. A call-to-action or “CTA” needs to be above the fold and straight to the point. Something as simple as “call now”, “let’s chat”, “buy now” or “get demo” are some of the most commonly used calls to action buttons online. CTA stats for digital marketing
  2. Think about the user experience. The user experience is extremely important in the conversion process. Making sure the user can easily reach the conversion goal is key. Keeping mobile vs desktop in mind could be a game changer. Users typically give less time in a mobile form environment and need to have the quickest option available, meaning your best bet is to provide a way to continue the conversation at a later or more convenient time. This can be done with a simple email form or social media engagement option.
  3. Retargeting can increase conversions. By retargeting users who have been on a contact or product purchase page, you could resume the conversation and pick up where they dropped off. If possible, re-design advertising to speak directly to where the user dropped off and retarget by page, not just the entire site. If retargeted properly, users will be able to see ads on desktop, mobile and sometimes within social channels as well.

By adding various pixels, conversions can be measured more effectively. Not all forms are pixel friendly, so sometimes designing a landing page to use for measuring a specific campaign could make a difference. Thumbvista provides all of the above options and can help you find the right audience for your product or service.

For more information on strategies regarding retargeting, conversion pixels, or landing pages reach out to Thumbvista today.