While mobile advertising may have been around for 10 years, it remains one of the most important game changers in our world of digital marketing. During that decade large companies took advantage of this new technology. They spent money, reached more customers and were very effective at it. Their success and adoption were based on the fact that they had money to spend.

Mobile advertising benefits

However, mobile advertising is probably most ideal for small businesses. No company wants to pay for advertising that isn’t targeted to their customer. If your small business is in Minnesota you probably don’t want people in Arkansas seeing it. Yes, checking the daily clicks and data might be fun, but if you’re reaching the wrong audience, you’re wasting money. While mobile advertising may bring less clicks, it’s actually best for your business.

That’s because according to Chatmeter.com nearly 80% of people looking for nearby businesses visit within 24 hours and of those roughly 30% convert to an actual sale, a conversion rate that dwarves most other advertising channels.

How local advertising works?

Local mobile advertising isn’t too different than a normal search on a laptop, except location is of vital importance. For example, if a consumer is near your business looking for a place to eat. Using their phone, the consumer may search Google or type in “food near me” to see what’s close to them. While they are searching, your restaurant’s ad may pop up and entice them to make a trip. Your ad brought in that consumer.

mobile first adviertising

Another example might be a woman looking for clothes. While she types in the search engine “near me” your ad for a 20% coupon comes up.

In the world of digital marketing a consumer can get overwhelmed with the amount of options and choices available. Using a mobile device, you may find hundreds of places near you that sell the one item you are searching for. This can be overwhelming to a consumer and cause the buyer to select a business they’ve heard of, which usually means a franchise or national company.

However, by advertising on mobile devices with a great message and, maybe even, a discount, they can be your customer. Yes, any business can reap the rewards of mobile advertising, but it’s the small businesses that can gain awareness in a cluttered space.

Three key elements make mobile advertising an important tool in your campaign to increase your customer base.

What is Geofencing?

Selecting your target audience by location or time of day is rare in any other campaign. Through geofencing you can set a virtual boundary around your business in a real-world environment.

Geofencing uses software and communications with location-based services to trigger an action such as entering, exiting, or dwell time within the designated geofence. There are multiple ways geofencing can be use in the mobile space. The mobile device can communicate via GPS. A mobile device can communicate with other devices to trigger action when the phone leaves or enters an area.

Where do mobile ads run?

Mobile advertising offers you the flexibility of choosing the advertising platform that will work best for your company. Those platforms include apps, social media banners and websites ads.

How do I improve my mobile ads?

As is the case with so much of the digital marketing world, you can still test and tweak ads to create the most effective messaging. So remember, customized mobile advertising provides your consumers a high-quality experience that will enhance their engagement.

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