The overall goals or KPI’s (key performance indicators) of a campaign can vary based on several factors such as product or brands awareness, foot or web traffic or online or offline sales. In the digital space advertising the factors can be measured in multiple ways depending on the ad format, but click through rate can be measure in nearly all.

A few ways success is measured in digital advertising

  • Impressions – How many times an ad is called on to appear.
  • Reach – How many unique people see an ad.
  • Engagement Rate – How many people interact or engage with an ad.
  • View Through Rate – How far a video goes start to end before user exit.
  • Click-Through Rate. How many impressions it takes before ad is click.

Advance digital marketers can focus on conversions using tags or pixels to add to landing pages to measure after click activity, but starting out in the display advertising world there are two things to focus on for a campaign. 1. Branding campaign should focus on reach. Reach is the amount of impressions received and frequency or unique users that are delivered the ad. 2 Action, traffic campaigns are the most common and they are measured by how many clicks or visitors your site/ landing page gets from the campaign. This is the click through rate. You can find your CTR by dividing your clicks in a campaign by the impressions. For example; 5 (clicks) divided by 1000 (impressions) = .005 or .50% CTR which is an above average click through rate for display.

increasing CTR click through rate


3 Ways To Increase Click Through Rate

  1. Focus on the right audience –By using various tool such as Location (Geotargeting or Geofencing), Demo or interest targeting you give yourself a chance to reach the right audience for your brand’s message. At Thumbvista this is our specialty and the benefit is reducing ad waste and increasing effectiveness.
  2. Get Creative! –Have professionally design creative can make the biggest difference in term of a successful campaign. Our campaign see a visible increase in CTR (click through rate) using Gif. or HTML5 file formats. Motion draws the eye naturally and gets clicks. Changing your creative based on time of year has been seen to increase effectiveness as well. Anything that adds relevance to the users current state will add effectiveness.
  3. Have a call to action – A call to action is giving the user a reason to click the ad. It can be as simple as a learn more button or click here. Time and time again we see ads with no call to action. With out a CTA (call to action) it is very hard to justify a reason to click. The better call to action the better click through rate.

Advertising campaigns can be measured various ways to be considered successful. Whether you are looking to increase your CTR or using advanced marketing tools such as conversion pixels Thumbvista can help you succeed today.