Medical professionals are always in high demand and depending on the field of medicine, it could be difficult for recruiters to find qualified candidates to fill positions. Recruiters are competing with other health organizations and they need to show why a specific hospital or practice is the best place to work. How can recruiters find these candidates? Posting a job on the employer’s website or LinkedIn page is one place to start, but there is another tool that could target candidates even further. That tool is geofencing. See case studies on recruiting here.

Geofencing can help you attract the right candidates for your jobs. Geofencing will allow a recruiter to create a virtual perimeter around a designated area. Only the people within that area will see advertisements targeted to them. 

Recruiting using Geoconquesting

How can you recruit with geofencing?

Think about this, is there a graduate school with doctoral, nursing or another related program in your area or a desired area to recruit from? Well, you can create a geofence around the school to target specific advertisements to those students who are graduating and looking for work. 

Perhaps there is another hospital or medical district in the same city or state, you can create a perimeter around that hospital or district to advertise to the people working there. Sometimes, people are looking for career moves and other times, your marketing can attract a new team member who wasn’t even looking. 

What should you include in your ad?

With a geofenced advertisement, you are targeting specific people, so you have the opportunity to not only share open positions but take a deeper dive into why a person should work on your team. Content can be long or short formed. Shorter content can include “Hiring 1,000 nurses for new hospital, $20,000 signing bonus.” An ad like this can be displayed toward the end of the school program or even at a graduation ceremony to target those graduates. Longer form content can go a step further, for example, you can share a video about the culture of the hospital, a state of the art birthing center or a video showcasing how the medical professionals make breakthroughs in patient lives. 

Save money with geofencing 

Arguably one of the best factors of geofencing is the cost-benefit. With geofencing, you aren’t throwing out money for broad ads that have a reach that may only apply to a small percentage of viewers. You are only putting advertising dollars in places where you are most likely to see a return. Especially at a time like the present, where we are living through a pandemic and recruiters aren’t going to job fairs in-person then this is a way to still reach your audience. Plus, when we return to a place where job fairs can be held, you can still use geofencing to tell people in the area to visit your booth.  

Geofencing is a proven marketing tactic that allows you to reach your targeted audience. Thumbvista can help you achieve your goals. If you’re ready to see how we can set up your strategy, contact us here.