A message encouraging people to get out and vote or one asking for donations for victims of a hurricane, what do these two messages have in common? Both are public service announcements. These announcements raise awareness for a cause or charity. The messaging is delivered in different forms including texts, email, television, radio and web advertising. The message itself should be clear, informative and fit the platform it is being advertised on. One thing that is essential with a public service announcement is ensuring the right audience sees the message. Now, you may wonder how you can achieve that. Here are tips to help you target your announcement. 

Mobile Ad for donations

Location, Location, Location 

If you are creating a public service announcement, then consider your audience and where they reside. Some public service announcements are specific to certain areas. For example, if a utility company needs to let residents know their watering schedule for the summer then they may need to target specific area codes or a tornado warning needs to go out to people in a city, what is the best way to send that out? Geofencing. This allows you to create a digital perimeter around areas that need to see the message. So, a specific message could be tailored to different area codes in the case of the watering schedule. The perimeter allows people within that area to see the message. 


When will your public service announcement be relevant or need to be sent to your target audience? This is an important step in planning the announcement. Going back to our example with the watering schedule, you wouldn’t want to tell people in the middle of winter about the schedule for summer, so incorporating the time to your strategy is vital. Along with when to start the announcement, you should also consider when it should end. Reminding people of a summer watering schedule is no longer valid in the fall if it changes again then. 


Next, consider your audience – these are the people who need to see your message. For example, are you reminding women to get mammograms during Breast Cancer Awareness month? Well, that message may not apply to certain people. When you are thinking of the person who should see your announcement, consider various demographics such as age, occupation, interests, lifestyle, etc. This will help you determine who should see your announcement and help you target that audience. 

Putting it all together 

It is important to craft your plan for the public service announcement with each of those key pieces in mind. In the past, you may have just seen an announcement in the newspaper or on the local broadcast, but now there are so many ways to reach people thanks to smartphones. However, you never want to waste your time or money. To help with the process, you can utilize our services at Thumbvista to ensure that you are creating a relevant experience with your public service announcement. To learn more about our services and schedule a consultation click here