Millennials represent an opportunistic target audience for brands that can manage to cater to their different preferences. Today, millennials have adapted to life with the use of their mobile phones. They enjoy personalization from their favorite brands and tend to focus less on price and more on value. Millennials are digital natives, so why not reach them in a place that can offer a natural connection? 

reaching millenials

Many brands have resorted to leveraging mobile marketing to target this tech-savvy generation who spends about five hours daily on their mobile phones. They use their smartphones to check on social media platforms, interact with mobile apps, browse the web and message others.  

Here are some of the most effective techniques brands incorporate into their mobile marketing strategy to fully tap into the millennial market!

Reaching Millennials Based On Location

Many brands have created virtual boundaries around their specific geographic locations that allow them to be alerted when potential clients enter their geofence immediately. The brand can then send notifications to these clients through search ads, in-app messages, and push notifications they get when they are connected to the internet. 

Let’s take Uber as an example. Uber has mastered geofencing as it usually has geofences around airports, enabling them to notice when a potential client enters the area. The Uber app then sends this potential customer a prompt to book an Uber instead of resorting to other transportation!

Reaching Millennials Using Mobile Coupons

Coupons are not losing their luster with millennials, in fact, they are just going virtual! Mobile coupon marketing uses digital coupon codes, discounts, vouchers, and discounts to attract potential and existing customers by delivering them via mobile phones. 

Mobile coupons are not limited to specific business types. Although, retailers and restaurants are some businesses that have adopted mobile coupons in their overall mobile marketing campaign. 

Reaching Millennials Leveraging Mobile Ads

To reach the millennial audience it is important to make sure ads are mobile-friendly. You can serve ads to consumers via desktop and mobile devices.

 Mobile ads are a great way to boost engagement, and brand awareness, get more leads, and increase conversions. In addition, mobile ads are handy for publishers who use them to monetize their apps or websites. 

Let’s take the auto industry as an example. That industry has leveraged mobile advertising to increase sales. For example, Nissan used mobile touch screens for potential clients to boost engagement and create more awareness for their compact SUV. They came up with an ad dubbed “The Evil Snowmen ad” that featured Nissan’s “Rogue SUV” fighting a gang of snowmen. The ad first ran as a TV spot, but the company saw an opportunity for mobile users so with mobile hotspots, it delivered different experiences to advertise various features of the vehicle. 

Millennials spend a great deal of time online checking out the latest trends and products from the comfort of their smartphones. With internet connectivity increasing daily, opportunistic brands can target this potentially large target market using the techniques we have highlighted above to stay ahead of competitors. 

Thumbvista can help you in reaching millennials as an audience with our various techniques. If you are ready to expand your business, contact us today.