Are your banner ads not performing how you expected? Don’t worry you’re not alone. In fact, many businesses have gone through what you’re experiencing, but there are ways to turnaround your banner ad performance. 

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We are going to go through a few best practices to increase click-through rate including ad creative, mobile-friendliness, targeting, placement and other optimization tests. 

Ad Creative Can Increase Click Through Rate 

It is imperative to test different types of ad creative with your banner ads. Today, designers have many more options when it comes to designing banner ads. For example, ads can be placed in a carousel format to show off multiple offerings. Or ads could include video, be interactive or dynamic. These formats can help you maximize the space you have to share more about your business to your potential customers. 

Mobile friendliness 

Consumers are frequently on their mobile devices, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that your ads should be responsive to fit different types of devices from desktops to tablets to smartphones. If you’re not doing so already, you can use your analytics to determine what percentage of your consumers are on various devices. If your analytics show that the majority are on mobile phones, then think mobile-first when creating your ad and then scale to other devices. Create multiple sets of your ad creatives. You will want to ensure your ad can show on different sites and devices by uploading various sizes you can get the most out of your banner ads. 

Proper Targeting Increases Click-Through Rate

There are many ways to target your customers with banner ads. You can retarget specific people based on actions taken on your website, providing you have the correct tracking set up. This list can include people who have browsed your online store, but need more time before making a purchase. Or it can be frequent visitors and you’re showing them new products they may not have seen. 

Another way to target consumers with banner ads is through location. Geofencing allows you to create a virtual perimeter around a specific area to advertise to. Let’s say you’re business is a small restaurant with one location. You wouldn’t benefit by spending your advertising dollars showing your restaurants offerings to the entire country, but you would benefit from showing your ad to people nearby. 

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Ad placement 

The placement of your advertisement can make or break your click-through rates.  We when talk about ad placement, we are referring to where your ad will appear on a website. Ads placed in line with web content could have a higher click-through rate than ads buried off to the side or at the bottom of a page. 

Additionally, as we mentioned specific ways to target consumers, your ad placement could improve if you are on sites that are relevant to your business and offerings. 

Optimization tests

What else can you do to improve click-through rate? You should never set your ads and just forget about them. You should continuing testing and looking for ways to improve your metrics. 

Optimization tests that can make a difference with your ads include testing various call to actions and the placement of the call to action on your ads. You can also test different types of copy. One additional tip for monitoring your banner ads and understanding how to optimize them is using heatmaps. These will help you understand how consumers interact with your ads. 

If you need help increasing your click-thorugh rate, our specialists at Thumbvista can help you. Contact us today to see how our experts can increase your click-through rates and manage your campaigns.