Location-based mobile marketing is a powerful tool for any business. For restaurants offering delivery, geofencing is an essential part of any effective mobile advertising campaign. Especially now in a post-Coronavirus world where many restaurants are turning to delivery just to stay afloat. With so many new delivery options, targeted mobile advertising can be a key differentiator. Here are some ways to use location-based mobile marketing to generate more delivery orders.

Quick serve restaurants mobile ordering

Announce Your Arrival

With the regulations and quarantine measures brought on by Coronavirus, more people are ordering delivery than ever. There are also more restaurants offering it. With so many new players in the space, making sure your customers know that you are now offering delivery can be a challenge. Geofencing is a great way to announce your arrival to the delivery scene. Restaurants can use geofencing to serve mobile ads to any device within their delivery range. This allows you to tell your local community that you’re “now offering delivery.”

Relevant Locations – Go Where They Go

For many restaurants, their target customers are known to visit specific places. For example, people might typically go to your restaurant after shopping at the nearby mall, visiting the nearby beach or park, or strolling a particular avenue. With geofencing, restaurants can target people who are in or have recently visited those areas and serve an ad directly to their phone. While they might not able to dine in at your store the same way they used to, you can let them know they can still enjoy your food via delivery.

Event Timing – In Your Area

There are certain times that have always been bigger for delivery than others, like football gamedays or late weekend nights. Popular TV shows that are considered appointment television, like Game of Thrones, are also big delivery nights. Weather conditions can make for lots of delivery orders too. On these occasions, lots of people are staying in and can’t be bothered with making dinner. These high traffic delivery nights are opportunities to use geofencing to target your delivery area and offer a deal. This could also work for delivering lunch to nearby office buildings and businesses.

Geoconquesting – In Their Area

Geoconquesting is when a geofence is set up around a competitor. Restaurants that compete within a particular food type (ie. pizza, Italian, Chinese) can specifically targeted users that are either near of have recently visited a competitor. Fences can even be placed around a competitor’s out-of-home advertising such as billboards to steal attention. This helps your restaurant stay in the conversation with consumers looking for your particular food type.


Location-based technology is also great for restaurants offering take-out or curbside. All the same strategies are effective, and it can also be used to notify you when a customer is nearby or has arrived in your parking lot.

Whether you use one strategy or all of them, implementing geofencing with mobile advertising is a game-changer for restaurants offering delivery.