When choosing a travel destination, consumers have more options today than ever before. Tourism marketing is no longer about showing a billboard on a busy highway; it is a multi-way conversation with the consumer. People may visit several blogs or websites offering the hottest deals for destinations. The best way to reach your potential customers is through contextual advertising.

mobile and the travel industry

What is contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising is placing advertisements on websites based on keywords or topics. These keywords are related to a particular topic or subtopic. For example, an ad from an airline with destinations to Hawaii could place ads on a website sharing the best beaches or the restaurants everyone must visit. Or VRBO advertising on an article about the 15 Best Thanksgiving getaways. 

VRBO using contextual advertising

VRBO using contextual advertising

What are the benefits of using contextual advertising for tourism? 

With this type of advertising, you don’t have to worry about privacy legislation or your ad appearing on sites that are not relevant to your company. However, a major benefit is your ad will be relevant to the consumer because they are seeing it based on what they are searching for at the time. For example, your travel-related ad wouldn’t make sense on a website about office supplies when the consumer is searching for ink for a printer. A travel ad would make sense on a site with hacks on scoring the cheapest airfare

Contextual advertising for tourism will reach the consumer without following them throughout the internet. That’s because contextual advertising doesn’t need to use cookies to track the behaviors of consumers. Some consumers may see the same ads over and over again from the same advertisers and find them odd or annoying. When using contextual advertising you can placed in relevant places when a person is looking for related information the feeling of being “stalked” can be eliminated. 

The last thing you would want is for your ad to show on a site with no relevance to your brand, especially one that could potentially damage your reputation. This can also be avoided with contextual advertising since your ads will only appear in places that are related to your travel business. 

How do you started?

While using contextual advertising may be easier and more cost-effective than other types of advertising, you may want to hire experts to help place the ads, so you don’t miss your mark. Thumbvista specialists can provide expertise on contextual advertising for your travel business. 

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