Yes, customers are using digital coupons. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the use of digital coupons as more and more consumers have access to the internet and smartphones. This allows them to easily access and redeem coupons through their mobile devices.

Mobile e-commerce

According to a survey from RetailMeNot, nearly 80% of consumers use digital coupons, and more than half of them use them on a weekly basis. Additionally, the survey found that customers who use coupons tend to spend more than those who don’t.

mobile coupon usage stats

Digital Coupons are great for customers and businesses

Digital coupons offer several benefits for both customers and businesses. For customers, they are convenient to use and can save them money. For businesses, they can drive foot traffic and sales, as well as collect data on customer behavior.

There are various digital ways to deliver coupons, such as through email, SMS, mobile apps, QR codes, in-store kiosks or programmatic video and display advertising. Businesses can also use targeted digital advertising using location, data or recent interest to reach specific audiences and deliver personalized coupons. What to send out an offer for a discount on some new running shoes? No problem, we can get an ad in front of mobile users on their fitness apps or other sports related content. Want to award your frequent customers with an offer to return? No problem, we can place ads on mobile devices that have been seen around your locations in the last 30 days.

Coupons can be great for the following industries:


Quick Service Restaurants

Auto Repair & Service

Grocery Stores or Items

Entertainment & Events

& More

Overall, digital coupons are a popular and effective way for businesses to attract and retain customers in today’s digital age. Our solutions make the coupon and it’s delivery as seamless as possible.

For more information on all of our coupon options please see the mobile advertising services.