Think about how you consume information. Odds are, you skim through articles online, watch only the headlines and maybe the first paragraph or two before scrolling down or clicking away. But what if there was a way to capture your attention more effectively? According to recent studies, video ads are more effective than traditional advertising when it comes to getting your message across.

How do you choose a marketing strategy between online ads and video ads? While a traditional banner may give customers a peek into your product; a video ad offers a deep dive. A video ad can customers multiple facets of your product and answer most of their questions. 

Online Visitors Prefer to Watch Videos Ads 

Video advertising is more effective at driving sales than traditional advertising. A report showed that 64 percent of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. 

Video Ads are Affordable

Unlike traditional advertising where you must pay a specific amount to be advertised, video ads are payable according to your budget. Online platforms like YouTube, Google, etc., are much cheaper than traditional mediums. Video ads will live online in Google search results indefinitely. This is extremely beneficial for you if you have engaging video content. Therefore, it is a very cost-effective method of promoting products or services.

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Video Ads are Limitless

Video ads are not limited to one format. The digital environment is practically limitless. As a marketer, you can design and build ads in rich media formats, which include URL links, expandable banners, and a call-to-action through hashtags or click-through. Such videos can be posted on various platforms to increase a company’s web traffic and revenue.

Video Ads Can Show More in Less Time

You can convey more information in a shorter amount of time on video as compared to text. Additionally, video is more engaging and stimulates other senses by showing and telling your product or service.

Search Engines Love Video

The largest search engines prioritize video content. Distributing videos on blogs or embedding them on your website will increase the likelihood of targeted customers finding you when searching for relevant information.

Video Ads Tell Your Story Better Than Other Formats

Video ads have a very significant emotional impact. You can create a personal relationship when storytelling through sight and sound, connecting a viewer’s emotions to your product or service.

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Shareability of Videos

Consumers love sharing videos with friends, family members, and colleagues. They 

will likely share the videos they like on social media platforms, by email, or even through messages. About 92 percent of the videos are shared regularly on social media platforms. Sharing is the most effective way of reaching a huge audience organically.

The higher number of shares a particular video ad receives the greater the brand’s visibility. You must create tailored video content to target a specific group of consumers for an increased level of engagement and shareability. This increases brand awareness and brand retention rates. 

It is Mobile Friendly

Many people watch video advertisements on mobile devices rather than computers. The number continues to rise. Most B2B customers (75 percent) purchase a product after watching a short video about it.

The key to success with videos, according to human psychology, is to maintain short videos, since consumers have a short span of attention. Therefore, try to produce a video within a 30-second time limit. The first five seconds of the video must be engaging enough to captivate the audience. 

Video Advertising Has Few Boundaries

You can share video ads on multiple platforms. This helps marketers reach out to more customers. Your videos can be accessed on various devices, mobiles, computers, and connected TVs. With access to multiple channels, it increases the exposure of the brand. In the long run, your video ads can give you a competitive advantage. And it is not limited to local engagement, there is potential for global exposure. 

Video Ads have Comprehensive Analytics

The greatest benefit of video ads is that you can measure them. The analytics of these videos are easily available on multiple platforms. Many people love to engage with video ads in various ways.

The marketer can use analytics to determine how often a particular video is viewed, view duration, or even shared from a website or other platform. 

Consumers can also provide feedback and interact with brands in real time. You can use this feedback to determine the direction of a successful marketing campaign.

Final Thoughts 

Online video advertising has many advantages over other forms of advertising. Videos are extremely popular and can drive traffic to the brand’s website, leading to an increase in conversions. 

If you are looking to grow or start your video advertising strategy, contact Thumbvista for a consultation with our experts.