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Mobile Geofencing is creating a virtual perimeter to communicate an action or request. In terms of mobile advertising, geofencing can be used to request display advertising to be delivered to mobile devices within popular apps or sites.

4 common use cases for a real estate company using mobile geofencing

  1. Branding – Having your real estate company or agents top of mind can be a powerful thing. Thumbvista can allow you to draw geofences around areas of choice and not worry about ad waste in areas less attractive. Whether it be geofencing for real estate in neighborhoods or school districts get your brand or agents’ name in front of the right audience.
  2. Event sponsorship – Working with Thumbvista allows you to create a perimeter down to mere feet in any shape or size. For example, we can allow you to advertise within popular apps around sporting, community or industry events.
  3. Buyers and Sellers – Have a home and you want to promote to the surrounding area?Geofencing for real estate Flyers are an option, but how about promoting the home to surrounding neighborhoods that may attract a buyer? Or geofence a half mile around the home to let anyone in the area on a regular basis know it is on the market. For trying to find a seller, you can allow agents to promote themselves in a specific neighborhood for name recognition when someone is interested in selling.
  4. Recruiting – Target areas where there would be highly desired talent. Schools, career fairs or even the competition.

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