Self Service Geofencing & Digital Advertising Tool

Are you a do it yourself type of a marketer? Do you require access to a system for optimization or real time reporting? Our self service or “self serve” geofencing and digital advertising solution could be a great fit.

Our geofencing self service solution is made for companies big and small to build campaigns on the fly. The self service solution is set up for a basic level geofencing self service campaign and easy enough that anyone can use the software. It allows smaller campaigns than full service, but slightly less targeting features. The self serve solution allows building geofences in radius or polygon or targeting via zip, city or DMA.

Geofence or location target down to small radius, zip code, IP address, DMA or the even perimeter of a building.

Pay as you go pricing, great for flexible budget needs! 

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One time small set up then load your account and go pricing. Subject to change – See current pricing here 

Why a self service solution?

geofencing for locationAs stated in a post on on “71% of customer prefer to resolve customer service issues themselves”. And that makes sense in this digital world of “need it now” mindsets. At Thumbvista we decided to follow the trends and create access to a self serve marketing solution that could also allow general digital advertising abilities such as video or desktop.

Granted our full service geofencing solution is still bringing more bells and whistles and overall a more premium geofencing solution, but the self service solution has what it takes to get the job done right. Our geofencing self service solution can even be re-branded for your team if the account reaching a specific volume level.

Pay As You Go. Low Cost Entry. Quick Set Up & Tutorial.

So, Are you ready to start your geofencing self service campaign today? Contact us for a demo!

We at Thumbvista mobile marketing pride ourself on service and quality. We are always evolving and continue to listen to customers needs on how we can improved. We are a small, but nimble company with the ability to optimize and improve on a global scale. Since 2012 mobile has been our focus and adding relevance to mobile marketing has been our calling. If we get the opportunity to work with you we will do all in our power to make your campaign a success. Contact us today and we will set up a call with a manager with years of experience to help walk you through details on all of your options in the mobile marketing and advertising industry. Have a crazy idea? We love them and they may be possible!

Who is a great fit for our self service digital advertising using geofencing solution?