Geofencing Services for Retail Stores & Brands

GeofencingA virtual perimeter that is set up to trigger a notification when a device enters or leaves the perimeter.


Geofencing for retail

Engaging your customers as a business owner has always been a highly sought after achievement. Engaging your customers means they actively acknowledge that you exist and you care that they do. Now with technology the world becoming smaller and  information at our finger tips (or Thumb tips) engagement is becoming ever more important. Whether your engagement is through Social Media or something as simple as a news letter timing is one of the most important keys to success.

What Geofencing for mobile devices allows you to do is create engagement based on someone’s real time location. Customers that have been opted-into services that allow retailers to use their location are the most loyal customers of any and being able to communicate with them at just the right time can increase buying frequency and ads using geofencing

GeoTargeted Mobile Banner Ads

Imagine being able to place your brand if front of anyone using their smartphone within a 1/2 mile of your location.. or even better your competition!

Target via Location, Age, Interest, Gender, Weather & More

Targeted mobile ad geofencing for retail

Examples Of Great Places To Geofence

  • The Competition
  • Special Events (Seasonal or Holiday)
  • Fringe Industries (Places your customer shop. A non competitor)
  • Entertainment Venues Theaters, Zoo’s, Museums 
  • Sporting Events