This post was prompted after being sent random mobile coupons via SMS & MMS. Recently, I opted-in to receive mobile coupons from a local grocer & have noticed the mobile messages I receive have nothing to do with me because of the lack of knowledge about myself and my buying habits. The grocery store is sending me a variety of coupons in both SMS & MMS form that are not effective because it is hit or missed whether I am a good fit for the products or not. Granted this company’s strategy is to bombard you with multiple MMS at one time to try to get interest on at least one, but there is a way that would be better both the sender of these messages by adding effectiveness and the receiver or “mobile savvy consumer” to get deals they actually want or better yet need.

mobile coupons

Here are 3 ways to send more effective mobile coupons via SMS or MMS

1.  Ask More Questions -If you are using a keyword opt-in method your first mobile message should link to a form asking basic but helpful questions to send more targeted messages. With Thumbvista’s SMS & MMS platform we allow you to categorize your customers to better target them with a mobile message they want. Simple questions such as gender,  age range, owner of pets, or parents can add extreme effectiveness. By wording the request for more information about your customer with something like this “Thank you for opting-in to our mobile coupons! To send you messages based on your interest please click here to tell us more about yourself”

2. Use different Keywords for opt-in. By having in aisle notifiers of keywords like “text PETS to 12345” or “Organic to 12345” you can reach a targeted group of shoppers with messages that they want to receive and will increase action.

3. Send a deal worth sending. If you can’t get more information from your mobile data base or your existing mobile service provider does not offer the ability to categorize your data base then just send the best deal possible. Add mobile coupon effectiveness with item popularity as broad as possible or even a seasonal item such as grilling or holiday feast products. Note -A dollar off a random item sometimes does not cut it.

With the proper strategies your mobile messaging can be extremely successful plus gladly accepted and even  looked forward to by your customers. For more information about how you can start your own targeted SMS or MMS campaign contact us today. 1-855-554-4900