No doubt that 2013 has shown retailers and small business owners a like that they must have mobile in their marketing mix to fully reach today’s consumers. The days of placing coupons in print circulations only are over. Mobile coupons give marketers the ability to engage consumers on the go and change mobile deals based on real time sales needs and current inventory. The amount of mobile coupons redemptions can be staggering if promoted properly. The analyst at eMarketer have tracked the rise of mobile coupon from 12.3 million in 2010 to 53.2 million in the coming year of 2014 mainly driven by the rapid adoption of smartphones.

Getting Sign Ups For Mobile Coupons

Before a company can send out mobile coupons they must have a data base to send them to. The first step is to come up with a strategy to gain opt-ins of customers that are not only willing to have you communicate with them and their mobile device, but hopefully look forward to it. A few easy ways to get opt-ins is a follows;

1. Point of purchase sign up – By asking customers as they check out to sign up for deals you can be sure to reach the majority of your shoppers.

2. In store signage – Promote sign up with a sense of being a part of something special. Also give multiple ways to sign up via mobile like by texting keyword to a short code or scanning QR Codes or Tapping a NFC Tag.

3. Use current resources – Some ways to generate a data base may be easier than you think. Do you currently have social media accounts or a e-newsletter list? Those followers and fans can and most likely will wish to receive mobile deals from your company.

Mobile coupon opt-ins

Ready To Run A Mobile Coupons Campaign

Once the data base reaches a healthy level it is time to plan a strategy of how you would like to communicate with your customers. A strategy is what will be the main difference of a successful campaign or not. One of the questions you must ask yourself to design your mobile strategy is, “What you want the deal to accomplish?” Most of the time it is strictly to increase sales, but occasionally the goal of a deal might be to get new faces in the door or introduce new aspects of the business and the ROI of the actual offer is not as important. When creating the offer it is important to remember the opted-in customers are typically your most loyal customers so don’t send out something that is the ordinary run of the mill offer you would put somewhere else at the drop of a hat. These customers are important and better yet possibly close in proximity to your business and ready to buy. Be completely aware of your audience and their abilities to communicate with others. Make your offers fun and creative by adding time incentives, multimedia or social aspects to increase visability and overall effectiveness.

It is important to remember that just because your mobile strategy is using a technology that seems simple like SMS (Text messaging) that it can’t be creative. A marketing campaign that has the best chance to wind up a success will not forget that the customers it’s message is reaching are important and deserve a great deal and most of all are mobile.

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*Partial image source; Henry Events