In mobile there are many tools to leverage this day and age to make your digital strategy strong. One of the top tools by far is something we have been doing since 2012 and that is geofencing. Marketing using geofencing basically means to use a virtual perimeter to either deliver geofencing advertising, messaging or capture MAID’s (mobile advertising IDs) Since there is quite a bit of bad intel out there over the years we thought it might be a good idea to list out some best practices. Over the years we have seen it all and here is a list of the best geofencing marketing company strategies we have been a part of.

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Best Geofencing Marketing Company Strategies

  1. Geofence the Competition – One of the best geofencing marketing company strategies is to leverage your competition. By geofencing your competitors location you can do a few different things. First, hire trained employees. By advertising job openings on top of the competitors locations you can allow their employees to see the opening and offer a reason to jump ship. Finding qualified employees can save on training and give insights into the competition own inter-workings.
  2. Geofencing around industry events – Whether it is an event you are attending or one you can’t one of the best geofencing company strategies is to geofence around an event that you know will have a great audience.  If you have a booth advertise an incentive to drop by. If you don’t let the attendees know about why they should learn more about you or how you relate to them. Typically industry events gather a rich group of people that you can focus on with a unique message. After the event you can tag along on their device for around 30 days or so to continue to engage.
  3. A geofence around your location – There is nothing wrong with letting the immediate surrounding area know that you are near by and a part of the community. Whether you are trying to drive foot traffic to a store location or just branding to the locals a perimeter around you can work to many benefits. We can help provide a geofence around a location of any size to make sense for your business in New York City to rural Kansas.
  4. Think outside the the box (or geofence) – Some of the best geofencing company strategies are ones the are the most creative. Please yourself in the customer’s shoes and think about who they are and where they would go. Creativity and imagination can catch the eye for a click along with be very effective in branding.In a recent Marketing Week article it said; McKinsey’s Award Creativity Score, for example, which measures number of Cannes Lions awards won, shows 70% have above average stock return for shareholders. Also in the book The Case for Creativity by James Hermann he found the Cannes Advertiser of the Year in a 16 year period (1999-2015) outperformed the S&P 500. And data from Nielsen, 47% of the sales uplift.  Creative advertising campaigns are not just for the Fortune 500 and they will be a way for you to compete with them.

These are just a few strategies to start ideas about using the mobile advertising tool of geofencing. Ideas can be difficult to come up with but two things that always help in the process is to know your customer and where they could be. As the best geofencing marketing company in our area we want to help customers succeed by providing insight and examples of how to give your advertising campaign the best chance possible. For more insight or to start a conversation about putting together a campaign for your company drop us a line today.