It’s no industry secret that the fourth sales quarter is the most competitive and oversaturated segment in retail marketing. However, reminding consumers of the inevitable end-of-year sales is vital to breaking through the noise and strong retail marketing strategies help do just that.

From October to December, there are many opportunities to implement retail marketing strategies regarding product awareness, sale announcements, upcoming exclusives, holiday-related discounts and loyalty member growth and retention. As for having a preferred method of branded digital communication, there are a plethora of proven tactics.

retail marketing for shoppers using mobile


Popular Retail Marketing Strategies 2019

Email marketing, banner ads, SMS messaging, geofencing, IP targeting, social media marketing, automation marketing and influencer marketing are just a few of the ways you can more easily connect with your target market, especially when you have a strong strategic mobile marketing plan.

Mobile marketing is vital when thinking through the holiday season because a vast majority of mobile users are shopping and searching for the best deals on their phone or tablet. Thumbvista can help you promote your brand on many popular shopping apps/websites. Not only can your ads be targeted to mobile shoppers via their favorite apps/websites, but they can be targeted within certain geographic perimeters.

Retail marketing strategies that include Geofencing and IP targeting allows your ads to be seen on mobile devices within the perimeters of shopping malls, outlet malls and other busy areas where a majority of shoppers may be. Imagine the capability of sending a coupon to your target demographic while they are within a few hundred feet of your store. There is no ad waste and no money down the drain. Remember, the holiday shopping season is highly competitive, and a positive return on investment (ROI) in this final quarter can ensure a more productive first quarter within the new year.

It is true that television and print ads are highly effective marketing efforts during the holiday shopping season. Consumers become nostalgic with holiday songs in commercials. Consumers are also actively looking for items to purchase, but television is only a passive interaction with consumers and print ads require some effort, and a little bit of luck, to be read by the consumer. Mobile ads are more on the interactive side of marketing. Your ads may be sitting on a webpage or an app, but it can be interacted with immediately. The consumer sees the ad and either clicks on it due to interest or skips past it due to a lack of interest. At least with mobile ads, you are giving the consumer a chance to take action, putting the consumer in control.

Once you have given control to your potential customers, they feel like they are making all the decisions and no one is telling them what to buy. The technological generation, especially, wants to do product research, read reviews online and ask friends on social media before making any decisions on purchases, but feeling like the decision was ultimately theirs is a valuable feeling to this generation of mobile-savvy shoppers.