Over-the-top (OTT) is a digital media term that is more literal than one may think. OTT streaming represents a device that goes “over-the-top”, so to speak, of your television (more so when TVs were not as flat as they are today), and they are used to stream digital content.

OTT streaming

Of course, OTT devices are not just for televisions. OTT streaming devices include: Amazon Fire Stick, Playstation, Xbox, Chromecast, Sling TV, Roku, Hulu, Smart TVs and any other devises used for streaming video. The versatility of OTT devices and content allow users to stream and view video content across all platforms. From computers and tablets to televisions and mobile devices, OTT content is always accessible.
At first glance, it seems as though OTT content and video content is the same thing, but they are slightly different, although closly intertwined. Video content is channeled through devices such as OTT devices, computers, mobile devices and TVs. OTT content, on the other hand, is content specific to the OTT device or OTT providers that users are streaming from.
The exciting benefit of OTT content is the ability to take advantage of a few really cool advertising capabilities.

The World of OTT streaming (over-the-top) advertising options

Video Advertising is more common. Video advertising is essentially commercials that play before a video or intermittingly spread throughout a video that is being streamed. These types of commercials have been around since the age of television and are not going away any time soon. Display Advertising  –Display Advertising is specific to OTT content because it appears in different places throughout your streaming service, and it is not video-based. You may see a banner ad appear on the bottom of the screen on an OTT provider such as Amazon Prime, or you may see a static ad pop up while you pause your content during the middle of a show. Another place common for Display Advertising is when you are scrolling through content to find something to watch. A few TV shows or movies may say they are “sponsored by” a company.

Just as millions of consumers are cutting the cord and switching from cable services to OTT services, Thumbvista believes it is vitally important to switch your marketing efforts to OTT services as well. Why keep spending ad dollars on traditional pay-TV services when people are leaving them for OTT providers? According to techjury.net, “traditional pay-TV providers lost 1.8 million subscribers in 2018.”
Better yet, a CNBC study reveals that “57% of Americans have some form of streaming service.”
These trends are only the precipice of what’s to come for streaming content via OTT providers. Thumbvista can easily help you make the switch from basic advertising on pay-TV to more personalized, targeted advertising through OTT services.

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