The U.S. political arena is undoubtedly one of the most competitive markets in votership awareness. Political fundraising is so important it makes or breaks campaigns. Millions of dollars are spent on radio, television, signage, pins, national tours and other conventional marketing techniques. However, with the rise of mobile users, we are left with one massively widespread demographic who, statistically, may be missing out on political messages.

reaching Voter political fundraising

“There’s a decent percentage of people between 18–24 who have never owned a television, and they don’t read newspapers and they don’t read magazines,” said Jeff Dittus, chairman of Audience Partners, a non-partisan data science firm. “They just play around on their phones. That is the only way to communicate with a big swath of that group.”

Mobile Marketing for Political Fundraising

Reaching millennial voters means winning over and gaining the support of an untouched, outspoken audience. This digital-savvy group of young adults is also an untapped demographic of new donors. According to a 2019 Pew Research Center study, 96% of 18–29-year-olds use a smartphone. If you could reach a small fraction of this mobile demographic, you may see a substantial growth in young voters and digital donations. So, what are a few mobile marketing strategies for achieving these goals, and how do they work?

Mobile Advertising Using Location Based Marketing

Mobile Display Ads using the tool of geofencing is a proven mobile marketing strategy. Geofencing is a powerful and widely-used technique that allows your campaign to target demographics of interest using geographical locations. Geofencing allows you to set the perimeter of your choice all the way down to a neighborhood or even a building. This can be an extremely helpful political fundraising tool targeting a rally or event.

Another option using the location marketing tool of IP targeting. With IP targeting, you can provide messaging to users within a specific area using IP data. IP address can be collected multiple ways one being from analytics from your website. Many times IP targeting can use an existing mailing list. The physically address are reversed into digital addresses and display ads can appear on home or business networks to multiple devices. The ads are then seen by potential voters/donors on popular apps and websites.

Partner with a Social Media Influencer

Influencers are widely trusted social media users who often have thousands of engaged followers. Instagram and Twitch are trendy tools for social media fundraising because you can engage with younger voters in real time through video streaming. Influencers already have the trust and admiration of their followers; therefore, your partnership with them will give your campaign some credibility.

Create Targeted Facebook Ads

Facebook is essentially one massive online registry of users who are willing and able to receive your digital ads. You can set up ads to target those who you want to hear your message. If you are looking for men, 18–30, who live within 25 miles of a stop on your tour and have an interest in environmental protection, then Facebook is the best way to reach that demographic.

Interact with Users on Twitter

Twitter is an instant gratification communication platform. You can interact in real time with supporters by sending tweets with targeted hashtags. This real time, one-on-one communication between you and your supporters helps lift the veil by allowing potential voters to see the person behind the politician. Create some buzz on Twitter by featuring a live tweet event where you take questions from supporters and answer them on the spot.

Ensure Your Mobile Landing Pages are User-Friendly

If you hope to gain online support and donations from a millennial demographic, you better make sure your website and donation page is mobile-friendly. The biggest turnoff to a mobile user is struggling to navigate a website. If your website takes more than a few seconds to navigate, then your window of opportunity to get donations from mobile users may be gone forever. At the very least, strategically place donation banners on the top of every page of your website.

The tools for reaching untapped and under-utilized demographics in the political arena are now at your fingertips. Contact Thumbvista to start building a mobile marketing strategy today to establish trust, gain votership and increase your fundraising goals.