Does one size fits all truly mean just that when it comes to advertising? No, this approach is a tactic of the past. The majority of consumers want to see personalized, relevant advertisements. According to BRP Consulting, a study showed that 79 percent of customers surveyed valued personalized service, and 68 percent said they would shop more at a store offering personalized rewards. In fact, the Harvard Business Review discovered that while people want their information secure, they also value meaningful experiences. The benefit comes from recommendations based on previous purchases, search history and other factors. Ads that are helpful to the consumer will pay off. 

personalized ad based on location

Why advertising personalization is effective

Personalization lets a customer know that you are paying attention to them. You have an idea of likes/dislikes, and what they may be looking for right now or in the future. If you’re shopping on Amazon for the perfect gift for your father or suit for your upcoming job interview, it will show you other recommendations based on your search history. This can help weed out specific items that are the most relevant to you during your shopping experience. This is the same for location-based businesses as well. Should your skateboard shop advertise to someone who has no interest in the sport? Or should your doughnut shop that offers gluten-free options advertise to someone with those dietary restrictions? The goal is to not waste time or money for both you and the consumer. Those are just a couple of examples of why personalization matters. 

Location relevance adds to personalization

A geofenced marketing strategy can help with your overall personalization goals. You may have heard of the saying, “the right place at the right time” well, this is applicable to geofenced marketing. You want to show relevant ads to your customers at the right place and time. This type of marketing strategy works because you are able to not only target customers that fit a certain persona but you will also have the advantage of showing ads to customers in a specific area. Your frozen yogurt shop may want to display personalized loyalty ads to customers in the surrounding area and not to someone 200 miles away that won’t benefit from an instant deal. 

mobile shopping for shoes

Geo-conquesting offers personalize experience

If someone steps into your virtual fence, you are not only targeting based on demographics but on the probability of a customer visiting your business based on their location. This can also help gain a lead against competitors by using geo-conquesting. If there is a rival athletic store in your area, you can target customers while they are inside that other shop. You can offer a better incentive to come over to your store and make a purchase. 

Geofencing Ads + Social = Winner

Targeting customers based on locations not only works for ads on websites, but the powerful tool of social media as well. According to the Pew Research Center, about 72 percent of people use some form of social media. The center found that social media usage is part of a daily routine. As a business, you want to reach the portion of the users who are interested in your product or service. By combining social media with geofenced ads you are able to target effectively.

If customers are receiving quality, applicable ads then personalization truly pays off. By enhancing the experience, customers will love your brand and offers. Thus, leading to more sales for your business. Learn more by contacting us today.