Geoconquesting or to “Geoconquest” the competition means to advertise aggressively within a competing company’s geographic area. This is a popular tactic in the world of mobile advertising using location based marketing tools such as geofencing. (setting up a virtual perimeter to deliver display ads via mobile apps and sites) Geoconquesting (or Geo-conquesting) makes sense for various reasons when deciding on a marketing strategy using mobile advertising in the form of mobile display ads.

Mobile deal via geoconquesting Geo conquesting

Here are the top 3 reasons to use geofences around your competitors and make geoconquesting a part of your marketing plan.

3 Reasons and Ideas To Be Geoconquesting

  1. Employee recruiting – When you are looking for good employees part of that search should include the competitor’s talent. They are in the industry and can add a competitive advantage by knowing other insights you might not have access to. They are typically trained and ready to go without much of a learning curve. Placing ads over their current work place and giving an offer to entice during their down time to make the switch could be a great decision.
  2. Target & Retarget active buyers – Show rooming is when customer actively research a better deal while on site. This gives marketers the ability to get in front of a mobile users in the buying process. A study recently states that 71% of consumers research online before a purchase. By targeting and re-targeting these buyers you know of a reach audience ready to received your brand’s message.
  3. Give them a reason to change – Whether the competitors location is closer or the customer did not realize your business offered the same products and services the main thing to keep in mind is to give them a reason to choose your location next time. Whether you offer a discount, premium product or service or just a change, your message must be clear and appealing.

Geoconquesting is just one of many strategies to use in mobile marketing. Geofencing is just a tool using location based services to accurately target a geographic area to show display advertising on a mobile device. By geofencing your competitors you are then incorporating the geo conquesting strategy.

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