After years of working with many companies with geofencing marketing we have seen it all good and bad. Some things are out of the marketers control, but most are and with ease you can add more effectiveness and relevance to you mobile advertising campaign. Here are 3 amazing geofencing marketing tips for you to try on your next mobile advertising campaign. These geofencing marketing tips cover timing, ad creativity and campaign strategy.

Easy Geofencing Marketing Tips That Create Amazing Results

  1. Time is everything – When using geofencing marketing it is important to remember it is just one tool that is available in mobile advertising. We focus on location, time and interest. Timing is very important. Make sure you have your ads running during the proper times over day and this will reduce ad waste. For business product or services stay Monday through Friday and during reasonable business hours. If standard consumer products use a black out time of 12-5am. 
  2. Creative matters – Geofencing is just a tool that helps get relevant advertising in front of a specific audience geographically. Having your display ads not take advantage of that came show as problematic and take away from over all effectiveness that the geofence provided. Be sure to speak to the consumer in an engaging way, such as “you are so close” or “you may be in the mark for…” or “enjoying the game” etc. Any creativity that the ad shows typically will be reflected in the overall click through rate. increasing CTR
  3. Think like the customer – In digital marketing relevance is key. When using location as a targeting tool via geofencing sometime targeting your location or the competition is not enough. Think about the customers persona and behavior day to day. Are you targeting health nuts? Try targeting health food stores or parks. Targeting business execs? Try targeting the airport. Think about the day to day geo foot print of your target customer and be creative with getting in front of them with a relevant offer or messaging.

Relevance is key in this what is in it for me world. The more tools and creativity at your disposal the more effect your advertising will be.