If you’ve visited a home improvement, warehouse, or home decor store recently, you may have noticed holiday decorations have already made their way into the aisles. If you haven’t begun to think about how your business can cash in on holiday revenue this year, then now is the time. In fact, some suggest starting planning as soon as the holiday season ends and others say you’ll have plenty of time if you start about six months before. If you are a new business or fell behind on it because of the uncertainty the previous year held, we have come up with some great ideas to make sure you sell out of your inventory this season. 

Whether you have an online, brick, and mortar store, or both, you can benefit from a mobile coupon strategy. Stores with a physical location can benefit from geo-based marketing and e-commerce benefits from interest targeting. According to one HRC study, nearly 60 percent of consumers search for deals and coupons on their mobile devices while shopping in-store. Consumers are not just looking for a good deal online, they are also looking for product information and reviews. This isn’t limited to shipping in a store either, consumers will display similar behaviors from the comfort of their home as well. 

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Geofence mobile ads 

You may already know what geofencing is, but for those who are new to it, we will explain. Geofencing essentially allows you to create a virtual perimeter around a specific area. It could be an entire city, state, or even just a building. This helps for mobile coupons during the holidays because you can send people who are currently shopping at your establishment an extra 10 percent off to incentive a purchase or you could create a geofence around a competitor’s business with a better deal at your store. With this type of advertising, you have the ability to precisely target people already searching for goods in the same shopping area or simply someone passing by your store who maybe didn’t have buying intent until they received your offer. 

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Targeting on mobile devices  

This type of advertising may seem straight forward but there is a lot you can do with this information. You can combine this with geofencing or do this type of advertising as a standalone. Let’s take a look at how this would work this season. Let’s say you are the customer and you are searching for “best gifts for my girlfriend.” An ad with products from your store could appear online as you’re reading through various articles listing gifts. After that initial search, other ads could appear that might fit the need for your girlfriend’s gift. Your ad could add an extra incentive such as free shipping or an extra 20 percent off at checkout. 

This holiday season, you can be in control of your ads and make sure your products are shown to the right customers. You may be panicking over the thought of doing this yourself before the season “officially” begins but you can get help. Thumbvista can walk you through the best placement for your ads. To get more information, visit us here