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Insights On Mobile Marketing For Small-Large Companies & Brands. Welcome to Thumbvista's Insights blog where you will find articles on the latest mobile strategies, research, the latest technology, and thought leadership in mobile marketing. Thumbvista is a global company based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mobile Video – Are You Watching?

Our Favorite Video Experience Is Mobile Video Mobile. Most of us can’t remember a time when our mobile device wasn’t our constant companion…literally. Gone are the days of a mobile device just being for phone calls and text conversations. Our mobile devices house our photo libraries. We connect with family, friends and colleagues via social

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How People Are Using Mobile Devices This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping It’s the most wonderful time of year…especially for retailers. The holiday shopping season has arrived. While many consumers still make their way to the nearest shopping mall, it is no surprise that they are increasingly turning to their mobile devices for holiday shopping. According to data compiled at the

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Mobile Demands Larger Focus In 2016 Ad Spend

Strategizing Ad Spend With Digital / Mobile Focus The advertising game has changed. As print volume has drastically declined, digital opportunities have skyrocketed. According to TechCrunch, digital is the fastest growing advertising medium, and will soon reach second place to TV in overall spend. At the moment, mobile advertising only accounts for 20% of that

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The Process To Buy Mobile Advertising | Mobile Display Ad Buying

Ad Buying is something that ad agencies, brands and business owners have been doing for years with print, radio and television industries. In recent ad buying has become accessible in the digital space for agencies and small businesses alike through spaces like Google. Sometimes grasping how it all works helps marketers and business owner alike

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iAd Buying | How To Advertise On Apple’s iAd Mobile Ad Network

There is no bigger name in the mobile world than Apple. Apple’s iPhone accounts for nearly 50% of smart phones on the market and an Apple device of some kind whether iPad, iPhone, Mac or iPod is in over half of all U.S house holds. Some are unaware that there is a way to leverage

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Mobile Advertising Tips For A 2015 Digital Marketing Strategy

In a world of constant news and entertainment the customer has changed the way they consume media. When defining a marketing strategy mobile advertising has to be in the front of the conversation. Mobile Integration is key in a Digital Marketing Strategy Having the ability to have your mobile device take the place of your

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Last Minute Black Friday Marketing | Local Mobile Ads Within 72 Hours

It is that time of year, where sales pick up and business competition gets hot. If your marketing strategy this year for Black Friday is the same old , same old or you don’t really have one, it’s not too late. Last minute Black Friday Marketing can be tricky because typically in most media the

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