Where are your advertisements currently being displayed? If your ads aren’t on the right websites and apps or shown to your target demographic, then you could be losing money. When you are investing money into ads that should ultimately drive more revenue to your business, the outcome should be simple. To ensure this, you should have premium ad placement on your digital real estate. 

How to Get Premium Ad Placement

Thumbvista offers premium advertising placements with our managed services for advertisements and tailored reporting to track ads and ensure you are getting the best possible outcome. With our managed service, you pick where your ads appear. Place your ads on websites or apps that align with what you are selling. For example, if you are selling luggage, then you will want your ad to display on travel-related websites. Or if you know what websites or apps your customers are already visiting, then you can display your ads directly on that site. By targeting your ads you can have a better understanding of what works best (and worse) for your business. 

Finding the right placements for your ads

Let’s take this example, if your product is a men’s shaving product then you will want to target websites that have predominantly male visitors within a specific age demographic. So, you may want to display premium advertising on sites such as Esquire, GQ and Men’s Fitness. You will also want to show the ads on certain sports sites such as ESPN or Bleacher Report. The sites previously mentioned may have content that some men like to read. The other factor to consider is that in today’s age people also look for reviews, so that opens up more opportunities. Ads could also be displayed on websites that are offering the best subscription services for shaving or best men’s razor. 

Targeted mobile targeting ad geofencing for retail premium advertising placements

This type of premium advertising can be done on social media as well. Facebook, for example, rolled out premium placements for advertisers to have more control over where their ads appear. This is applicable on multiple Facebook products such as messenger, articles, videos, etc. The tool allows advertisers to choose specific words or URLs for Facebook to use to display ads.

Relevant ad creative is key for target audience

Now, we’ve gone over why your business needs to display ads in the right places, but let’s look at it from the perspective of the consumer. Sometimes, we get caught up on revenue but we want to make sure that the consumer is delivered a quality experience from start to finish. So, if you are researching hotels for your dream trip to the Bahamas, what type of ads would your customer want to see? Well, they may want to see ads from companies that sell airline tickets or the airline itself. They probably wouldn’t want to see ads about the best pots for cooking your mom’s homemade soup. The ads should be complimentary so they aren’t ignored by the consumer. The ads about pots and pans should be shared on websites with new recipes, a video of how to make spaghetti, or a food blog.  

At the end of the day, you will want to consider the customer’s journey and understand how your product or service fits into that. This will help determine where ads should be displayed and how to continue to perfect them with analytics. Thumbvista offers services to track analytics, produce recommendations and display ads in premium places. For more information on Thumbvista, visit us online