You’ve created the perfect ad for your marketing campaign. It is attention-grabbing and bold, but you aren’t seeing the return on your investment. Why? It could be the placement of your advertisement. Where you place your ad on a website can make as much of an impact as the creative itself. When we talk about the placement of an ad, we are talking about what websites it is placed on and where it is shown on the site.

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Before considering where on a website you want your ad shown, it is vital to understand where your target customers are browsing. For example, if you’re selling golf clubs then you will want to be on websites such as golf-related blogs or sports-related news sites. Some people think it is best to advertise on every possible channel but that could make you lose money. It is best to gain a deep understanding of your customer and where they consume content/information.


Did you know the placement of advertisements in the heart of content instead of the right-rail provides a higher in-view time of 10.5 seconds and a higher click-through rate? If you are not placing your ads in the right section of a website then you could be missing out on conversions. Thumbvista’s team of experts ensures that your ads are placed in the best position, so they are never missed. The creativity of an ad will flow with the website to ensure it captivates your ideal customer.


You may notice that even when you’re browsing content on the internet, it is easy to spot ads and it is just as easy to ignore them. This has been referred to as ad or banner blindness. Strategic placement with creative advertisements will help you stop your customers in their tracks. When you combine the unique placement of a creative ad and the contextual proximity, you are going to drive home better results.

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