Ad Buying is something that ad agencies, brands and business owners have been doing for years with print, radio and television industries. In recent ad buying has become accessible in the digital space for agencies and small businesses alike through spaces like Google. mbannerSometimes grasping how it all works helps marketers and business owner alike have an idea of the process and where their money is going. This is a process we have been explaining to clients for a while now about our targeted mobile display advertising solutions


Studies Show Mobile Ad Buying Works 

This great visual (see below) and article by Venture Beat that helps explain.

The article states “that brands that use mobile advertising get 7 times more engagement and 4 times more customers”!!!!!

A key part to remember especially with Thumbvista’s geofence triggered mobile display advertising is that the order is place through ad network with particular data attached such as location & time along with bid.

Ad Buying Process For Mobile

Image by VB

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