Are you using display ads in your digital marketing campaigns?  Display ads offer a variety of formats to reach your target audience including video, audio and photos. Rich media is a more engaging way to display your business to potential customers. Consumers are intelligent and know how to skip or ignore ads if they want to. Take this example, have you ever noticed your banner ads are underperforming? It may be due to “banner blindness.” According to Hubspot, “banner blindness is a form of selective attention, in which web visitors ignore information presented in banners.” This can occur because the webpage visitor is scrolling just to find the content that they’re are for. 

Eye catching mobile ads

How can you combat this? One of the best ways to ensure that your ads aren’t being missed is to integrate creativity, strategic placement and messaging into the content. 

Here are some options for creating impactful ads that won’t be missed:

Banner ads with video

Video banner ads take a standard, static advertisement and turn it into a video that stops potential customers. These ads come in several formats including click-to-play, autoplay with no sound, or hover over to play. 

Carousel ads

Compelling carousel ads can grab someone’s attention like a carefully curated Instagram post, it sparks curiosity and desire. The placement of carousel advertisements offer the opportunity to display content in the heart of a webpage. Content that is placed in the heart instead of the right-rail garners a higher in-view time of 10.5 seconds and a click-through rate of .4 to .7 percent. 

Parallax scrolling 

Parallax scrolling is a web design technique in which the website background moves at a slower pace than the foreground, according to Wix. This same technique can be applied to advertisements to create an illusion for customers viewing advertisements on a webpage. Scrolling is controlled by the user driving more attention and engagement. 

Performance video 

Video is a powerful way to gain more conversions. Effective video shares your story and connects with customers. Just as carousel ads stop webpage visitors with compelling imagery, performance video can increase click-through rate by .8 percent when placed in the heart of the page. It also increases in-view time by 10.5 seconds.

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