Consumers are flooded with advertising content on social media, websites, television and even while driving on the road. But you can stand out from the competition with a well-rounded campaign that includes video. Before you race to create your first video, you will want to make sure it is worth your time/money, speaks to your audience and it is scalable. After all, the key is to drive more sales with video advertising. 

To achieve video growth and ultimately more sales, there are several steps to take to ensure you are achieving your long term goals.

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To achieve video growth and ultimately more sales, there are several steps to take to ensure you are achieving your longterm goals. 

Plan your video content around your optimal outcome

After deciding the end goal for your content, think about who your ideal customer is, what content they want to see and begin to plan your video(s). 

Discover where your customers are on social media

There are multiple channels to post your video content but you want to make sure you are posting content where your customers are.  According to HubSpot, video boosts social media content by 48 percent and it increases engagement on Facebook by 65 percent. You can share content in more places than Facebook or YouTube, your videos can also be included on your website and in emails to subscribers.

What type of content resonates with your customers and the message you want to establish

People today care about authentic and helpful videos, according to HubSpot. Videos can spark inspiration, an idea or even a laugh when it is appropriate. Types of video content include testimonials, product information, brand information, and directional videos. Listen to your audience because they will tell you what they are looking for.

Plan, plan, plan 

You need to plan for the before, middle and after. The previous steps share what you need to do to start, but you should monitor your content’s engagement and comments, then make adjustments as you analyze the information. If you get your content 100 percent right the first time, then you deserve more than a medal. But more often than not, you will need to make changes as your strategy progresses.


This is so important that we needed to mention it on its own. Always analyze your content to see how it is performing. If you need help with this, Thumbvista offer campaigns with detailed reporting that will provide all of the insights on your content and we can help make suggestions for your ongoing strategy. 

As you can tell, there are several steps in the process to take into account. You want to make sure you are not only aware of what you are planning but how you can continue to optimize on video growth in the future. Thumbvista can help take some of the work away from you. We can help you determine the best strategy for your videos, identify the target audience and if location-based marketing will help as well. Longterm, you want a partner who can identify your best and frankly, worst performing content. That isn’t a negative, discovering both early will help save time and money.