Mobile advertising is a powerhouse of modern marketing & branding. It helps businesses of all industries deliver targeted messages right to the hands of potential customers. 

Mobile is a powerful branding vehicle

 Mobile advertising is more than just a vehicle to make sales it can provide branding if implemented effectively. For savvy marketers, a well-rounded mobile advertising strategy can help your business reach other marketing goals, too. It can also develop brand awareness among new customers and keep your business top of mind with existing customers. Not only does this lead to sales, but it will also help grow and strengthen your brand for the future.

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 Here are four ways that you can use mobile advertising for branding.

Be Mobile Friendly

Before you start using mobile advertising to build your brand, make sure that your content and messaging is mobile friendly. Every piece of marketing content, along with your website and eCommerce platforms, should be optimized for mobile devices. Having a mobile friendly presence will ensure that users interacting with your brand online will get the best experience possible. The clean and professional look of well optimized ads will reflect well on your brand and be much more memorable than ones that aren’t.

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Take a Targeted Approach

The next step will be to make sure that the brand building messages you send reach the right people, in the right places, at the right times. Geofence technology allows you to set a digital “fence” around strategic locations to capture cell phone data. With that data, you can then deliver timed, targeted messages to potential customers that have been tailored for location. These brand building messages can be sent to people that live in a particular area, have visited a relevant place, or even gone to a competitor’s store. This is a priceless advantage for new businesses trying to get the word out to their local community. It also works well for keeping your business top of mind for existing customers.

Engage With Your Audience

Branding messages should be more about bringing value than generating a sale and the targeted nature of geofencing will help you do that more effectively. One of the best ways to bring value to your customers is through meaningful engagement. This can take many different forms depending on what your business does and what your brand stands for. Think about inviting them to an event, notifying them of loyalty programs, providing valuable information, or asking them which new items they want to see in your store. By producing content that engages, you’ll be viewed as more of a brand than simply a vendor.

Remarket For Branding

Now that you’ve developed and executed on a mobile advertising campaign for branding, keep going. By continuing to remarket to both potential and existing customers, you become a consistent voice in your industry. Not only will this help strengthen your brand and keep your business top of mind, but it will ultimately translate to increased conversions and improved ROI. As time goes on, you’ll have more and more data to refine your approach and become more and more effective.