It is not too late to think about holiday campaigns 

Have you started to plan out your holiday advertising campaigns? If not, there is no time like the present. The holiday season is just weeks away and you’ll want to ensure your customers know what they can get from you. We’re not just talking about the big sale happening at a retailer, but the holiday season can help many businesses. 

Reaching Holiday shoppers with thumbvista

Mobile coupons 

First, we must remind you that coupons aren’t dead but they are digital! Digital coupons will bring people into your establishment whether it is a clothing store, a bakery, or a restaurant. Mobile coupons can have extra layers of targeting beyond your existing emails lists such as location-based targeting. By targeting location, you can let someone know about your bistro’s special while they’re in the neighborhood doing some shopping. With mobile coupons, you also have the option to add other elements that stand out such as messaging, visuals, and delivery.  

Standout with your coupons 

There are a few ways to stand out with your coupons this holiday season. We have a few tips to help you make the most revenue. 

  1. Give your ads an emotional connection. In what ways can your business inspire emotions with your customer? Is it telling a story with a locket from a jewelry store or is it a table setting that reminds them of their childhood? 
  2. Give back. The holiday season is a time where you can inspire others to give back with their purchases. Think about rounding up change or giving a percentage of sales to charities during the holiday season. 
  3. Decrease the stress of the holiday season. This year, with digital coupons you can think of new ways to appeal to customers and decrease stress. For example, can your ad provide suggestions for the special person in your life? Think about adding a questionnaire to provide specific suggestions based on the answers. 

The holiday shopping season is lucrative for businesses and you have the opportunity to set yourself apart. Work with Thumbvista to come up with a digital strategy that works for you. We can help you with your digital coupon strategy and ensure it is targeted to the consumers that will act on the deals.