Political advertising is expected to soar in 2022; according to a report by AdAge, political ad spending will reach nearly $8 billion this year. Spending will continue on traditional mediums such as TV and radio. However, digital channels will see exponential growth. The average spend for digital channels is expected to hit $1 billion. For context, political advertising in 2018 was $900 million. Your political advertisements do not need to get lost on a website or app. Instead, there are ways to elevate your advertising through geofencing, mobile app targeting, and video content. 

Top Political Advertising 2022 Strategies

Target geographic locations with geofencing 

This election season it is essential to ensure your messaging is localized to ensure your message is meaningful to voters. There is a way to do this by geofencing your political messages. Geofenced political messages will reach the voters in a specific area with the localized message you are sending to the voters.

Geofencing works by creating a virtual perimeter around a specific location to display advertising to a person’s mobile device. The location can be a building, a city, state, park, or other location. Thumbvista can place ads in the most relevant places. For example, ads can be placed where voters are already browsing. This occurs through the use of top mobile banner ad publishers and geo-targeting solutions. Voters can be targeted on both iOS and Android operating systems. 

App Targeting 

This type of advertising works well for political campaigns to reach people based on their interests and behaviors. The advertising experience is tailored specifically to the context of the app. This works well for news apps and apps with information on political parties.


Video Advertising

If you’re wondering how you can grab a viewer’s attention through online advertising when people are programmed to skip them?

placement of mobile advertising political ads

According to Goo Technologies, more than 80 percent of Americans said they ignore online advertisements. To not become a part of that statistic, you need to create compelling advertising that is interesting and relevant to viewers. 

Thumbvista suggests creating video ads developed with video ads that can engage your audience to watch your platform as a political candidate. By creating ads that explain your platform and connect with voters, you have the opportunity to reach voters with the right messaging.

How can I get started?

Thumbvista has experts ready to build geofenced campaigns, offer creative consulting, and specific targeting. While there is a basic level self-service tool, if you prefer the assistance and implementation from our experts, contact us here to see how we can help you.  

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